ISO 22000 standard

ISO 22000 specifies requirements for a food safety management. When arranging the food chain needs to demonstrate the ability to manage risks in food safety.

 It is applicable to all organizations, regardless of size, which are involved in any part of the food chain and want to establish a system of security products. Meet the requirements of ISO 22000 can be achieved through the use of internal and / or external resources.

 ISO 22000 specifies requirements for:

planning, implementation, operation, maintenance and improvement of the food safety system,

demonstrate compliance with applicable laws and regulatory requirements for food safety,

evaluation and analysis of customer requirements and demonstrate conformity to the agreed customer requirements related to food safety, in order to improve customer satisfaction,

effective communication on food safety issues with suppliers, customers and relevant interested parties in the food chain

ensure conformity to the stated food safety policy,

demonstrate such conformity to relevant interested parties,

certification or registration of its food safety management system certification bodies or self-esteem or self-declaration of conformity to ISO 22000.