Standard ISO / TS 16949


What is ISO / TS 16949?


ISO / TS 16949 - General technical specification for quality management systems automotive companies created the International Automobile Task Force (IATF). Document was approved and published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO / TS 16949 is based on a number of different standards: ISO 9001, AVSQ (Italy), EAQF (France), QS-9000 (U.S.) and VDA 6.1 (Germany). This document specifies requirements for a quality management system suppliers to the automotive industry and should always be used in conjunction with the contractual requirements.

International supervision bureau in the automotive industry (IAOB) was created to administer the activities under the scheme certification ISO / TS 16949, on behalf of IATF. To ensure a common approach worldwide IAOB coordinates the activities of the international certification body.

What is the purpose of ISO / TS 16949?


Increasing dependence on the global automotive industry suppliers, together with the increasing complexity of modern cars, created a huge problem automobile manufacturers. One of the challenges faced by manufacturers - is that even with a very low probability of failure for each part of the car, the overall probability of failure for the entire car can reach unacceptable levels. This is especially true for today's discerning car buyer.

ISO / TS 16949 - response to this challenge. The document contains a requirement to focus on continuous improvement and understanding of the interaction processes. At the same time, the specification provides a structure to meet the requirements of the client.

If certification for compliance with ISO / TS 16949 approved uses a common certification scheme. The circuit contains strict requirements for the certification process to ensure equal treatment throughout the world.

Certification systems are increasingly becoming a requirement of the contract between the supplier and the car manufacturer. Specification ISO / TS 16949 is designed to meet this requirement of the contract, and eliminates the need for multiple inspections for compliance with individual national or corporate standards. Compliance checks AVSQ, EAQF, QS-9000 or VDA 6.1 are optional.


Who is eligible for certification under ISO / TS 16949?


Requirements ISO / TS 16949 are applicable to all manufacturers of automotive components, which are part of the vehicle. Terms of use were identified IATF so that manufacturers of equipment, tools, parts are not designed for use in cars, as well as suppliers of indirect services (eg, design or repair of motor vehicles) can not be certified to ISO / TS 16949.

Application of ISO / TS 16949 is always associated with industrial production. The manufacturer may qualify for certification only if evidence can show the history of production for at least 12 months, and if all the extras for the production processes (eg, design and development, procurement, etc.) correspond to the requirements of the specification ISO / TS 16949.


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